by Dasia Elizabeth Valentina Kyndall


In 185 A.D. Chinese astronomers had seen a star that had appeared strangely in the sky for about eight months before exploding. By 1960 it was known as the first documented supernova.

Supernovae are when a star explodes, either the birth or the death of a star. A supernova  is an explosion that causes a star to become from 10,000 to 100,000 times as bright as the sun.

They are found in the irreuglar universe, some supernovae happen in binary star systems.

They explode because they run out of gas, aka fuel, exploding so bright that it might outshine the galaxy.

How do scientist's find a supernova?

They find it by studying stars, some visible by light from the explosion, other times they are used for recording x-ray and *gamma rays.

*Gamma Ray: The highest, short- wave-length electromagnetic radiations.

Why study it?

It shows scientists that we have an expanding universe.

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