Super Size Me Documentary

Obesity is a major health problem in America, the average American walks 5000 steps a day and there are 83 McDonalds in New York. Morgan Spurlock experiments within the fast food industry. He eats McDonalds for 30 days straight (three times a day) and created a documentary called Super Size Me. Super Size Me is a well- known documentary that shows us the benefits and harms of certain eating habits, he constructed this documentary due to the increasing spread of obesity throughout America.

Morgan Spurlock teaches us the dangers of fast food and how Americans are been represented. Americans have been presented as overweight/obese and ignorant. While Spurlock was on his 30 day trial he experienced many obstacles throughout his journey. After 5 days he gained almost 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and another 8 pounds later (3.5 kg). He also became depressed and got a lot of headaches, he was also addicted to McDonalds and couldn't get enough of the food.

Interviews within Documentary

Spurlock interviewed various people in the documentary, he asked those who eat fast food(s) and how many times a week. Many of the participants stated that they do indeed eat fast food. A (cocky) man stated that he has fast food 3 or 4 times a week and sounded proud of what he has "accomplished". Another participant who was a 14 year old girl was introduced to Jared Fogle (Subway guy). She stated that she could not afford two subway sandwiches a day. These examples present Americans as ignorant because of their lack of knowledge and how uneducated or unsophisticated of general awareness they are.

Personal opinion

My personal opinion that I believe about this documentary and how Americans have been presented is that your size doesn't determine your health. I look at myself all the time and wonder why I am not skinny but then I realise that I do not need to be skinny to be healthy. I'm just built like the way I am and I am completely fine with that as long as I'm healthy, that's all that matters to me. This is the difference between me and the 14 year old girl who thinks that by eating 2 subway sandwiches a day will make her skinny. Well that's not the case. Its ridiculous for someone to believe in such an irrational solution. This also is for everyone out there who is going through the same thing. Yes, us girls are self-conscious about ourselves and we do many things to make us believe in ourselves that we are beautiful, even if it is putting make-up on or buying something that we always wanted. Those are completely fine but you can't just think that eating 'dark' chocolate will instantly make you skinny because it is healthier than dairy milk chocolate or white chocolate (any chocolate for that manner).

Super Size Me has made me think twice about the fast food industry, actually all food industries. The fact that majority of people do not think about what they are consuming and what is actually in the food that we eat. This is a major concern for everyone's health being and how it will effect us throughout our lives. That's why many people suggest that if you do not know all the ingredients that are been put in any kinds of meals, you shouldn't be eating it. Just remember to always be healthy, that's all that matters for your well-being.

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