Support Child Rights, be a Part of the Change

You halt at a traffic signal and a parent approaches you for some money to feed his/her child. Sounds familiar? Well yes, this is how children are sometimes exploited in order to create a scenario of pity wherein you are emotionally manipulated so as to part with some of your cash. Similarly, you must have come across small children who either clean your car in return for some cash or else are working as labourers. What is common amongst them all? The fact is that they are either not educated in order to earn a living and are therefore resorting to these ways and means, in order to fend for themselves and their families, or else some of them have undergone human trafficking and are just a source of earning money for adults, through means of begging.

So when will this end? How are we going to make sure that every child is privileged and receives a basic education so that they do not have to undergo this inhumane treatment? These issues can only be raised through awareness. Every child is entitled to some basic rights under the age of 18 years.

According to UNCRC, the children of India are entitled to a right to life, education, protection against sexual exploitation and protection against malnutrition or homelessness. But reality differs according the various statistics that are gathered.

Therefore, supporting child rights is not only a duty of various organisations that are associated with the cause, but also ordinary citizens like you and I. This awareness is necessary in order to create knowledge and wisdom amongst ordinary citizens so that they can also engage with their local government bodies, in order to eradicate this dilemma while also help in finding a viable solution to these issues.