Nameless To Greatness

By: Andrew Leon

There was a boy, he was nameless, says his one friend. Hid childhood was quite the opposite of a great one. He lived under a flight of stairs in the center of Chicago. This boy is homeless, but he is a sight for sore eyes.

He was kind, says his one friend. One day, a man dropped s wallet without noticing. The boy picked up the wallet and debated in his mind, kindness or stealing? He chose to be kind, he ran like never before, yelling. "Sir! Sir!' The man turned around a tad bit frightened, but curiouse. "Yes?" said the man. "You dropped you wallet." said the boy. The man was surprised that the boy didn't steal it. "Oh, thank you! You diserve this." The man said. He gave him $1,000 dollars. "Thank you so much" the boy said. The man left.

From there the buy is destin to greatness his friend said. From there boy bought a suit and applied for a job. After a long while he ended up making his own company that became revolutionary