Real Estate Professional and Philanthropist

Throughout his career, Dr. Suresh Shah has demonstrated a commitment to his community and his career. A licensed real estate broker, he has used his knowledge of the field to found the Desert Cities Real Estate School in Palm Desert, California, which provides in-person instruction for those wanting to get into the competitive, commission-based profession. Dr. Suresh Shah also stands out as the owner of an independent property development company and as the founder and president of Five Star Fitness, which has expanded to include two locations in the Coachella Valley.

A retired anesthetist, Dr. Suresh Shah remains involved in medical care as the founder of a nonprofit optometry company that offers inexpensive eye examinations to low-income patients. He also created the group Parents and Guardians Against Driving Under the Influence, or PGA DUI, a nonprofit organization that provides free rides home to intoxicated bar and restaurant patrons in Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage, and Palm Desert. Originally established with four vehicles funded by Dr. Shah personally, the organization is in the process of expanding to serve the entire Coachella Valley.