Its obvious I chose surfing as my topic and what not. I chose surfing because of many things when I did surf back then a long time ago was when I was on a vacation in my birth place Hawaii. And pretty much I was little when I did surf so I want to surf again now that I'm older and bigger. Surfing is in my DNA I just like I said haven't done it in so long. I love surfing though it's cool how your can ride out on water which creates into a wave. It's pretty cool because there's different waves you can ride out on. I only surfed one time which was bad I was kind of under water when the wave hit me lol. You just have to be accurate while surfing or you will screw up a lot. I mean not saying it's a bad thing if you screw up everybody makes my mistakes nobody's perfect. My dad took me surfing when I went first time surfing it was like a bonding moment for us I would say. I love how you can pick a cool, nice looking board to use and you can wear a wet suite. I'm a island girl so it's obvious I love a lot of things about surfing. If your confident, confident while you swimming out to a wave or about to ride a wave you may just catch a fun, great, wave.

These are some boards. But there's way, way better looking surf boards than these.

There's even tricks you can do while surfing such as this look at the short video.

And for people who always wondered or what not how does it look when your underneath a wave this is exactly how it looks. When you surf in a wave as your going through that hole you see as your riding through it that hole seems to look like it's closing, closing, and closing it's a little scary maybe it's really scary.

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