Surya Panditi

Cisco Systems Executive

About Surya Panditi

The senior vice president and general manager of Cisco Systems’ Service Provider Networking Group, Surya Panditi supervises an essential part of the technology firm's operations. The group develops and sells high-end routing and optical products, as well as network-access products, and produces more than $4 billion in revenue annually. Responsible for the division’s profit and loss, Panditi oversees a yearly budget greater than half a billion dollars and manages employees across three continents. Moreover, Surya Panditi serves as one of three voting members on Cisco Systems’ Investment Review Board.

In this capacity, Panditi has been involved in several of Cisco Systems' major deals. In 2012, Cisco Systems purchased Cariden Technologies for $141 million. While the acquisition was under consideration, Surya Panditi commented on how Cariden's assets would enable the company to bolster its sophisticated, wide-area-networking capabilities and its ability to handle higher bandwidth and network traffic. The following year, before it was introduced, he discussed the power of Cisco's newest semiconductor, called nPower. One chip can transmit as much as 400 gigabytes of data per second, a notable increase from the previous generation, which required more than one chip to send a maximum of 140 gigabytes of data per second.

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