I want to tell you more about my school trip to Dublin in March 2015.

So first,of course,one of the biggest part of our journey was the bus/boat part.Eight hours of bus,eighteen hours of boat.

It was pretty long,but the boat part was funny I think,we played hide and seek (here's a picture of Ariane's hiding,pretty ridiculous ahahah)

(love this pic,thanks Simon 💞)

After those eighteen hours of boat,we finally arrived in Ireland! I was first chocked to see we were driving on the left side,I totally forgot irish were driving like in the uk.

Ariane,Charlotte,Aglaée and I shared an "apartment". The family who was receiving us had a huuuge house,we had an outhouse for us with our own living room,kitchen,bathroom and bedroom.It was so amazing,it felt like we were roommates!

On the first day,we went to a port,saw sea lions (so cute) and rainbows!Than we went to a Viking Museum,it was really interesting! After the museum,our teachers gave us some free time in Dublin.

We went to Starbucks because we are good tourists (they spelt my name right!!),I felt in love with a guy playing drums in the street and Violette and I almost died when we saw Boots ahah.

After our free time in Dublin,we played gaelic sports,since I'm not a sporty girl,this part of the day wasn't my favorite.But I tried and I think irish handball was the funniest.

Finally,during the night,we went to the Irish Dance party.It was really hard for me since I can't move my feet properly but it was still a good experience and I had a lot of fun!

(blurry picture sorry,but I still love it💚)

On sunday,we took the bus for two hours to go hiking.But since it was raining we left at 3pm and went to Tesco,a supermarket. (We found the origin of Basile's name😏)

Then we went back to Portmarnock and stayed a bit on the beach,the weather was okay and we took some nice pictures!

On monday we went to the farm! We made bread,danced (again,I couldn't feel my legs after the hiking,irish dancing and gaelics sports) and played irish drums.We also met some animals and I've made a new friend☺️

After lunch,we draw on the walls!

But then it turned into a painting makeup session,I still laugh when I remember Basile's beard ahah.Sadly I don't have any picture of that...

After this little trip to the farm,we came back to the beach,but Ariane Charlotte Aglaée and I couldn't go home because we lived too far from Portmarnock and we wanted to spend the evening at the beach.So we built a hut under the trees and waited for Violette and Jeanne to finish dinner.After they did,we went to the beach and spent the evening with everyone,it was so much fun!

For our last day,we had the chance to spend it in Dublin and it was amazing.It was raining half of the time but anyways.We went shopping to TopShop,Forever21,Urban Outfiters,American Apparel,Primark,Abercrombie...So many shops it was so nice! The guys were eating at Burker King while we were eating our irish family's sandwiches....

Of course we went back to Starbucks.

when you don't know how to spell your name

At 3pm we went to a very nice museum,I loved it! Then we went shopping again,ate in town and it was already time to go home.The trip was very long,we took the boat twice and everyone was so tired.But to finish this journey well,a last picture 😏.

My favorite moments: so many of them! All the time I spent with my friends,I learnt so many things about people,discovered new persons and I'm so glad I could! I'm also so happy I shared most of my time with Charlotte Ariane and Aglaée,we became closer and I looove them. But if I had to choose one,I would say when the girls and I sang "somebody that I used to know" in the car,on the road to the irish dancing.It was so funny,our irish mum was laughing and it was such a great moment.

The moment I enjoyed less: I really enjoyed all the journey,even the road because we were all together.So I guess the moment I didn't like was when we had to say goodbye to each other,we knew that we'll see again the next day,but it was the end of something and I was really sad.

Thanks to the teachers who organized this trip,they were so nice to us and I will never forget it.Also a big thanks to our crew (ArianeCharlotteAglaéeJeanneVioletteIntissarSimonCharlesBasileJean) we had so much fun😘.I only have a last thing to say....ALLEZ BRAVO!💖

hey guys so here's my editing of the trip if you want to see more! :)

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2 years ago

Wonderful posts and a nice story, Susan! Brilliant! Thanks :)