Susan Lampinen - Automotive Executive and Wellness Advocate

An automotive executive and wellness advocate, Susan Lampinen helps the Ford Motor Company design colors for its top brands. In her capacity as group chief designer, she develops color palettes that will connect emotionally with each individual customer while also creating a unique identity for Ford’s vehicles. Over her tenure with the company, Susan Lampinen has implemented eco-conscious processes, like incorporating recycled fabrics into 40 percent of Ford automobiles and sourcing from firms committed to animal welfare.

Complementing the above, Susan Lampinen advocates for healthy lifestyle practices like eating an organic and nutrient-rich diet. She sees special value in raw foods, ranging from raw cacao to wheat grass shots. In fact, she offers guidance to women interested in nurturing a healthy and self-assured lifestyle through her website

A businesswoman active in her broader community, Lampinen contributes to a diverse range of animal rights groups. She also writes letters to corporate and governmental leaders to encourage best animal welfare practices.