Susanne Lieu - A New York Real Estate Lawyer

Susanne Lieu serves Ruben Companies, a New York City-based real estate owner, development and property management company, in her capacity as managing director. The company's holdings encompass millions of square feet in first class residential and commercial properties located along the East Coast of the United States. In her leadership role at Ruben Companies, Susanne Lieu attends to matters ranging from financing, joint venture transactions to leasing.

Before accepting her present position, Susanne Lieu worked as a real estate associate with Shearman & Sterling, LLP. While there, she helped institutional entities carry out various real estate matters including financing transactions valued in the many millions of dollars. She assisted clients by negotiating loan agreements, acquisition documents and leases. Her background in the real estate industry also includes a period as an associate at Mayer Brown in Chicago.

Lieu belongs to WX, a group that brings together female real estate executives. She also holds membership with the New York State Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association.

Tips to Help Women Golfers Gain Swing Power

Susanne Lieu leverages her real estate and legal expertise to serve as managing director for Ruben Companies in New York. Outside of her professional endeavors, Susanne Lieu enjoys a wide range of activities, including playing golf.

Golf Digest consulted a number of experts to compile tips to help female golfers gain more power from their swing. Julieta Granada, an LPGA Tour player, recommended resisting with the hips to capitalize on the power that results from twisting the upper body while creating resistance from the lower body. According to Granada, players can increase downswing momentum by further turning the shoulders in comparison to the hips. Granada relates the unwinding of the hips and the shoulder’s natural following motion to the power generated by a sling shot. To help maximize this power, Granada suggests turning the right toe in approximately 20 degrees during a swing to prevent the right hip from over-rotating through the backswing.

Along with this tip, Karen Palacios-Jansen, one of Golf Digest's 50 Best Women Teachers in America, instructs players to swing through the ball. Palacios-Jansen notes that a strong swing gradually builds speed and requires the player to accelerate the club through the point of impact. When women practice swing follow-through, Palacios-Jansen recommends swinging with the headcover on the driver to create additional resistance that will motivate a full swing through impact.

Tips for Easy Cooking Clean-Up

Susanne Lieu holds expert-level knowledge as a commercial real estate professional. Outside of work, Susanne Lieu loves cooking and experimenting with different cuisines.

Many people enjoy cooking in their free time, but one of the not-so-enjoyable aspects of cooking is the post-meal clean-up. There are, however, a number of easy steps to make cleaning up easier. For instance, try putting trash and recycling containers in a place convenient to your cooking area before beginning. This way, you can simply drop items in them as you need to, instead of leaving them out to take care of afterward. Similarly, try designating a scrap bowl for peelings and other food waste; afterward, you can just dump the scraps all at one time. Both of these approaches can save trips back and forth across the kitchen.

Oftentimes, as well, ingredients might spill out onto countertops while being measured. Prevent this problem by measuring over the sink, for example. Lastly, chopped food often spills when you try to move it off the cutting board. Try placing a bendable mat on top of the cutting board. When you need to move the cut-up food, you can bend this flexible mat and funnel the contents neatly into a pan or bowl.

The WX Mentoring Program Prepares Women for Careers in Real Estate

Managing Director for Ruben Companies in New York, Susanne Lieu contributes to the operating and development of class A commercial and residential buildings. Possessing more than two decades of legal experience, she has largely focused her career in the real estate sector. An active member of the professional community, Susanne Lieu belongs to WX New York Women Executives in Real Estate.

An invitation-only association, WX maintains several educational seminars, programs, and scholarships designed to help women in commercial real estate advance to executive positions and improve the public’s view of women in the industry. One of the association’s many programs is its mentoring program. Available to scholarship recipients, the mentoring program brings together mentees and women leaders in real estate. It also helps mentees find career opportunities in a number of real estate fields.

Individuals who participate in the mentoring program have access to both informal and formal mentoring sessions and programs designed to help them start their careers. In these sessions and programs, mentors share their experience and knowledge to help mentees be prepared to assume leaderhip roles in their new careers in real estate.

Tips for Golfing in High Winds

A real estate professional, Susanne Lieu has served for 15 years as managing director of New York City's Ruben Companies. Susanne Lieu is an avid golfer in her free time.

When golfing in windy conditions, the most important adaptations are mental. First, the golfer must be willing to work with the wind, rather than fighting against it. Confidence and determination most often translates to a stronger shot, and strength plays a key role in making a reliable hit on a windy day.

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Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business Participation

Susanne Lieu, a managing director with Ruben Companies, received her juris doctor from the Northwestern University School of Law. While in attendance, Susanne Lieu was involved with the school’s publication, Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business (JILB).

Focused on private international law and business, JILB is dedicated to analyzing the effects transnational and international law have on private entities. JILB was started in 1979 and is published three times per year. Articles in the journal are written by law scholars and practitioners, as well as students on an occasional basis.

To be considered for membership with JILB, students must participate in either the spring or fall writing competitions, which involve case note writing and bluebook editing. Between 15 and 35 students are chosen based on first-year grades and standing in the competition. Those chosen assist with editing sources and citations for the journal, completing office hour assignments, and writing notes for publication.

The American Foundation for the University of the West Indies

As managing director of Ruben Companies in New York, New York, Susanne Lieu holds a BA in economics from the Wharton School and a JD from the Northwestern University School of Law. Active in education causes, Susanne Lieu supports the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies (AFUWI).

Created in 1956 to establish an endowment in the United States for the University of the West Indies (UWI), AFUWI has furnished scholarships and financed several projects to improve the UWI. Eleanor Roosevelt and Princess Alice were two of the more prominent initial benefactors of the foundation, while actor Dr. Harry Belafonte and Secretary of State Colin Powell are current supporters. The university community consists of 16 nations in the Caribbean basin.

Committed to ensuring the people of these nations continue to have access to educational opportunities, the AFUWI seeks to fund an endowment of $5 million within the next five years and a $1 million scholarship program within two years. The foundation also endeavors to develop relationships with at least 10 American institutions to collaborate on research projects within five years and promulgate the university’s importance to the region and the United States.

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