Tips To Prepare For Your MBA Interview

After you have filled in and submitted the forms, you will need to wait for the interview to get into the MBA program. While the interview may be just a mere formality, many prospective students find this face-to-face encounter a major problem. Here are a couple of tips you can use to prepare for your MBA interview.

As you prepare to face the interviewer, the focus is not on what you plan to do with your career. Rather, it is on why you want an MBA, and why you wish to study at that particular school. You might also be asked what you can bring to the academic community and other concrete examples of your achievements. You will need to think carefully about what you are going to say at the interview. Prior to the interview, reflect on five pieces of information that you want to bring out during the interview. Prepare this well in advance and make sure you mention this during your interview. By doing this, you are being proactive instead of being passive and waiting for the interviewer to ask you these questions. Preparing yourself will help you stay confident during the interview.

The best way to get ready for an interview is to work with your friends and admissions coach on mock interviews. Practice answering the common questions, and work on being clear and to the point when you speak. You should be comfortable explaining the issues and not try to think what answer to give when you are asked a question. If your motivations and goals are clear, you can expect your interview to be lively with lots of good questions.

Prior to graduating with an MBA, Susan Taylor taught English to 5th and 6th graders.

What you need to know about Bearded Collies

When people talk about a Bearded Collie, the adjective that is frequently utilized is enthusiastic! That word, alongside tough, exuberant, dynamic, active, brilliant, dependable, and reliable ought to give you a picture of this well-cherished breed. The Bearded Collie, referred to tenderly as the Beardie, is a shaggy dog. The name Bearded Collie originates from the hair that hangs down from the chin and forms a beard.

The Beardie's excitement is clearly visible in its bouncy nature. Beardies working in thick undergrowth in Scotland would bounce up to see where the sheep were. When faced by stubborn sheep they would bark and jump up and down in front of the sheep to get it to move. Whatever might be the story, Bearded Collies are known to bounce along through life with a continually wagging tail and a clownish attitude.

However, the Bearded Collie is not the breed for everybody. Beardies are profoundly wise, dynamic and intelligent. It takes an active and smart individual to keep up with the Bearded Collie. Bearded Collies are very social and like to be incorporated in all family activities, inside or out. A bored Beardie will use its energy and impressive intelligence in causing trouble. Those who live with Beardies must be ready to brush long hair, manage a beard of hair that dribbles water after every drink, and hairy feet that bring in mud after every trip outside.

Bearded Collies are excellent dogs to have around children; their high energy makes them lively playmates who will spend hours running and playing. They are raucous and entertaining. However, young children should be monitored at all times when interacting with any breed of dog. Beardies are active and loving. Nevertheless, they can have a determined and independent streak from a heritage that has needed them to be assertive while herding sheep.

Susan Taylor owned the nationally ranked No.2 Bearded Collie bitch for 2003-2004.

Importance of Developing Effective Leaders

Education is one of the most important aspects of many people's young lives. It is often forgotten that to get the job you want, the correct amount of education is required. If you avoid education in favor of working your way up from the bottom, you will gain valuable experience. However, you will also be passed up by people who took the time to get their education. Many upper positions in managerial sorts of positions do not even consider people who do not have at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Some positions even have a Master’s Degree as the minimum entry requirement. In such situations, it would be impossible for someone to work their way up the ladder and gain that kind of position.

Education is essential no matter how you look at it. If you wish to excel in your field and do well in a professional environment, education can give you the knowledge and know-how that allows for success. If you are able to get an education from a school that has notoriety, you are in an even better position to succeed. Skills and ideas can be learned to fit you into any particular job, but the idea behind college and upper education is that it teaches you how to learn better.

Susan Taylor is an executive leader in acquisition management with expert knowledge of federal government procurement and contracting policies and procedures. She received her MBA from the New York Institute of Technology in 1988.

How Education Can Land You Better Jobs

What makes an effective leader? The answer broadly lies with who you ask, with researchers staying divided on the critical components that go into effective leaders. However, their characteristics they do concede to include acquired skills and personality components. Some researchers believe that the circumstance for the leadership itself plays a role in the viability of the leader.

Why are Individual Skills So Important?

To understand why leadership skills are so important, a distinction between a leader and a manager has to be made. “A manager is someone who does things right, whereas a leader is somebody who does the right thing.” To put it another way, “management is an occupation, leadership is a calling.”

With effective leadership present within the company, you can be certain that the leader is working towards the greater good of both the employees and the company. What's more, inside of this framework, a standout amongst the most basic components of achievement is a leader in whom they can put their trust.

Important Leadership Skills:

Commitment, perseverance and resolve - Three skills that work towards unifying the organization with a common goal.
Risk taking – Helps break conventional methods of doing things and aids in the development of new products and services.
Planning – An effective leader should be able to draw up effective plans to carry out the organization's goals.
Motivating – Every great leader is a great motivator. He should be able to push the right buttons and motivate his team to achieve much more than what they have planned.
Communication – A leader who cannot communicate properly will not be able to motivate and inspire his team to perform. Communication is a key skill every leader should possess.

Susan Taylor has spent 29 years in various leadership positions in the federal government.

Susan Taylor Offers Tips For Showing Your Dog

Do you have a smart and beautiful dog that needs to be in dog shows? Dog shows are popular all around the world, and if you and your dog have what it takes, you could be dog show winners. Before you start showing, consider these tips from Susan Taylor that can improve your chances of winning.

Socialize Your Dog

Your dog should be used to people, other dogs and a lot of noises and distractions. Concentration is key at a dog show and in order to avoid distractions you need to make sure your dog can stay focused and is not scared or even fazed by people, other dogs, bright lights, strange places and loud noises.

Train Your Dog

Your dog has to do a lot of things during a show and will need to know most commands. Taking an untrained dog to a dog show just because you think it looks good is a big mistake.

Clean the Dog

A judge wants to see a clean dog that is well-groomed and properly cared for. Make sure you not only bathe your dog but also take it to a groomer to have its hair done. Dogs with proper grooming stand a much better chance at winning.

If you want to show your dog at a dog show you need to take the time to research the show requirements and watch other dog shows to see how other dogs and owners act during the show.

How To Prevent Animal Abuse, Susan Taylor Says You Can Help

Animal abuse is a big problem and many people just don’t know how to prevent it. No animal deserves to be hurt or neglected and if you stand up for these animals that cannot stand up for themselves, you may be able to prevent animal abuse.

Stop It

If you see an animal being hurt or neglected, do something about it. Speak up, bring attention to the situation and, if necessary, remove the animal from the situation as well. Don’t sit by and watch an innocent animal be harmed. You can do something about it.

Report It

There are many agencies and organizations that fight animal abuse. If you have witnessed animal abuse or neglect, report it to the right agency. They will investigate the abuse and involve the authorities if necessary. If you do not know who to report animal abuse to in your area, call the police.

Raise Awareness

The more people know about animal abuse, the more likely they will try to stop it or report it themselves. You can raise awareness by volunteering with animal rights organizations and other agencies in your community. You can also share information on social networks to help.

If you want to stop animal abuse, you need to be ready for action. You can help save animals by stopping and reporting abuse and spreading the word about animal cruelty and preventative tips. These animals are depending on you to help them.

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Susan Taylor Where To Find Civil War Relics

Susan Taylor has always been interested in the Civil War and she enjoys collecting Civil War relics. The Civil War symbolizes an important point in history. Many people enjoy the Civil War era and would love to own relics as well but do not know where to find them. Here are a few places you may want to try.


You can find almost anything on eBay, including Civil War relics. Simply search for the type of relic you are looking for or just browse the selection by category. Always be sure to check the authenticity of an item before you buy it. eBay protect buyers from scams, but you should always read a listing thoroughly before you bid or buy.


A lot of people use Craigslist to buy, sell and trade Civil War relics and collectibles. Simply search for the items you want in your city or the city nearest you. If you are willing to travel you may want to search more locations. Be careful when using Craigslist and never send money in the mail or meet someone alone.

Pawn Shop

You may be surprised to learn that many pawn shops have Civil War relics they would like to sell. Many of these relics are valuable and if the pawn shop received these items on pawn or bought them, they will likely sell them as well.

If you collect Civil War relics and are ready to build your collection but do not know where to find them, consider checking one of the places above. You may want to check these places often, as the selections can change.

Susan Taylor Tells You Why You Should Support Small Businesses

A lot of people talk about supporting small businesses and it seems like more and more small businesses are popping up all over the country. So why should you support a small business? Susan Taylor has some reasons.

Supports Community

When you support small businesses, most of the money spent goes directly back into your community. This keeps your money local and means it can be used for more things in your community such as festivals. Small businesses often donate to special causes and organizations in the community.

Better Prices

Small businesses are often competing with large companies so they must give shoppers a reason to do business with them. They often offer special sales and deals that other, larger stores don’t offer. They are also more likely to offer customer appreciation events.

Unique Products

Small businesses often focus on providing handmade items, or something special that can’t be found at a chain store or service. If you want something unique and special to your area, a small business is likely the best place to find it.

It is always a good idea to help out a small or new business. That business could be struggling and could use all of the support it can get. Before you shop at a large, chain store, consider supporting a small business first. You probably have several small businesses in your town that could use your support.