In order to engage students in the classroom, teachers must be willing to step outside of their comfort zone. Exploring different tactics in the classroom (cooperative learning, incorporating technology, self-directed learning etc...) enables us to support all of the different learners that we teach. Personally, I am a huge fan of the Vygotskian, constructivist theory of learning. He states that we are responsible for creating our knowledge through our own experiences.

When we are asked to explore something new, we naturally tend to reconcile it with our existing knowledge, a process which forces us to reevaluate the old as well as the new. As a result, this mental shuffling of content helps  us build on the information we possess. The simple task of having to write this blog  is a good example of how I used what I already knew about digital tools in order to apply to this to a new experience. This is the advantage of being given assignments such as these, as they really give us the opportunity to navigate through visual content (I find that just about everyone benefits from visual stimuli). I think that our students would really enjoy putting together their assignments with this tool.    

Constructivism in the 21st Century

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ChrisX13 2 years ago
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