Tackk - A Multi-purpose Web Tool

Much like bunkr.me, Tackk can pull in media from around the web. Rather than being slide based, Tackk has more of a blog / website theme.  Still pretty handy for presenting information.

As you can see below, you can insert images... This one was from 500px.

Audio can also be inserted into the page.

This is a SU Conservatory Student's work on SoundCloud.

Maps can also be inserted into the page.  These are interactive as well.

Simple Forms can be used to collect information or feedback on your page.

There are tons of more things that you can put into a tackk.  You can find the whole list of embed items at http://embed.ly/embed/features/providers.  

As you can see Tackk has quite a bit to offer.  This is just one use case.

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