By: Hunter Black

"Confucius was a very famous person who was born in 551 B.C." "He bagan his life in Lu which is a small area in east china." " Through out his life he witnessed many examples of struggles and fighting." " In one episode lords were fighting for power in his own country and many times other people invaded his country." " One thing he always did was respecting traditions from the chinese culture." " Some examples of these were respect for your family and your ancestors." " During his life he decided to try to make changes in the government in order for his country to have true peace." " One of the things he said was ("the current government officials need to be honest and fair.") " If that ment changing the whole government then he was gonna make it happen."

" Confucius real name was kongfizi, he was a teacher who was a great influence on the chinese government and their culture." " These teachings became what we know as confucianism."

" In confucianism the main goal was to achieve a fair and peaceful society." " He taught that society was better when everyone used good behavior in their decisions and also how they got along with each other." " According to the teachings there are five basic relationships between people.

1: ruler and subject

2: husband and wife

3: father and son

4: older sibling and younger sibling

5: friend and friend

" Every person has to respect and obey the people that are higher than them in status."

"Confucius's ideas attracted a large following of students who spread his teachings and ideas throughout the land." " After he died some of the students put his sayings into a book called the antalects." " Later on teachers and scholars further developed confucianism." " His teachings had a very simple yet effective place influincing the government of the han dynasty." " In chinese culture civil servants were normally the sons of nobles however that did not guarantee that nobles had the ability and knowledge to do the job well." " The teachings of Confucius led the leaders to hire civil servants on their ability not on who their fathers were." " In order to qualify workers had to know the chinese classics in detail." " For example: You had to know the right behavior of people and their roles in society." " This included everyone from laborers to government officials." " To show they had this knowledge they had to take tests that even the emporer might grade himself."

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