By Daniel Haller

Japan is a group of islands off the coast of the Koreans

The capital of japan is Tokyo

In this photo you can see Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo tower

Japans population is 127,103,388 or 836 per square mile

Japanese Flag

Japan has a capitalist economy with a constitutional monarchy there Emperor is Akihito and there type of money is called yen 113.98 yen is equal to a dollar

99% of people ain't japan are literate

The life expectancy is 78.8 years for guys And 85.6 years for girls

Japans GDP is $37,100

There GDP rank is 3rd in the world


In Japan you can climb the highest mountain in japan  Mount Fuji

Tokyo Disney  

As we have Disney World and Disney Land. Japan has Tokyo Disney

Nagoya Port

Nagoya Port is one of the largest ports in Japan it is nice to see the ships go in and out plus there is an aquarium there so that's a plus

Historical events  

The United States had made Germany surrender and Japan was still fighting so what does America do?

Japan has many terrifying earthquakes

Japan also has  many devastating tsunamis

These are still problems today

Current problem

Recently japan and china have been arguing about the islands that japan calls the Senkaku Islands and China calls the Diaoyu Islands they have been fighting over who owns them.

Major Company

Many big companies are located in japan and most of them have to do with japans rich economy in technology. Like Nintendo  they make video games and video game systems they are still around today.

Japan's ecconomy

Japan has a good ecconomy, one of the best in the world. One of the only problems is that Japan doesn't have a lot of nateral resources. So japan depends on in ports of raw materials and makes them into products. So if Japan could get some nateral resources and stop relaying on imports it's ecconomy would be more stable.


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