Jake Thompson
6th hour

If you haven't heard of And Then There Were None you must of been sleeping under a rock. It's one of the best books out there nothing will ever come close to it, it's the best crime fiction novel out there.


Vera Claythrone: A former governess she came to the Island to be Mrs. Owens secretary. She is one of the most intelligent and level headed person there. But she isn't emotionally stable.

Captain Phillip Lombard: A former mercenary in Africa who came to the Island due to being hired by Issac Morris because Mr. Owen needed a "good man in a tight spot" and formed a friendship with Vera.

Dr Edward George Amrstrong: A doctor that is a recovering alcoholic who makes his way to Indian Island. Due to his medical knowledge he describes the social patterns of a murder, to help aid on finding the killer.

Emily Brent: A elderly sadistic religious women. She comes to Indian Island due to being invite to a house party by Mr. Owen. She reads her bible everyday and believes that she is the highest women in society.

Mrs. Rogers: Mr. Rogers wife they couple arrive at the Island before anyone else due to them being the servants. She is faril women who looks rather scared the whole time.

Mr. Owen: The man who invites all the guests to the Island to kill them for they what they did in the past. Ironcily none of the guest have met Mr. Owen or his wife.

Judge Laurence Wargrave: The Judge who goes to Indian Island becasue. He becomes the leader of the group due to being educated in murder trials and such.

Anthony Marston: A rich athletic young man. He doesn't have a care in the world. He arrived at Indian Island for the simple fact he wanted to have a vacation.

General John Gordon Macrthur: General Macrthur was the oldest guest at the Island. He was so guilt ridden from his time at war that he just sat by and didn't try to help find the killer.

William Henry Blore: William was a former police inspector who is well bulit and inspires the others to look to him for advice. He was very curious and trust no one in fear they may be killer.

Mr. Rogers: He was Mrs. Rogers husband and he was sent to Indian Island to be a servant for the guest along with his wife. He still kept being a proper servant even though there was a murder on the loose.

  1. In the book the murder is following a rhyme called 10 Little Indians. It is kinda like are 10 Little Monkeys rhyme that we use hear and sing.
  2. The murder used names of the guests friends or acquaintances to persuade them to come to the island.
  3. Everyone in the book have been accused of murders of people that they have known.
  4. So at they beginning there were ten china figures of Indians and every time someone dies a china piece goes missing.
  5. You don't find out why the killer killed everyone until you read the epiloug on the report the murder made about why he/she killed everyone, it states the killer was sadistic delight in seeing or causing deaths of various garden pests.

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