Thursday at Lake

June: 4th Matt Frye, 5th Valerie Estis, 8th Chris Guajardo, 9th Ron Orr & Lynn Pritzlaff, 12th Paula Hall, 16th Melissa Prince, 16th Paula Smith, 17th Natalia Bondar, 21st Lake Tate, 26th Helen Small, Val Steelman & Tyler Ashton, & 27th Lisa Polasek

July: 1st Ryan Nassif, 2nd  Amy McDonald, 8th  Jeff Olin, 17th Erica Smith, 19th Jesse Shiflet, Emily Baker & Emily Baker, 27th Laura Bergman, 31st Amber Rhoades & Susan Sotsuda

August: 1st Rachel LeMoine, 3rd Janet Voor & Katie Reed, 4th Veena Dass & Captain Burroughs, 5th Marc Gernander, Matt Glazener, Robby Fontenot & Kevin Black, 6th  Sam Smith, 8th Michelle Tran, 10th Mary Jo South, 11th Amanda Cuellar & Andy Gaworecki, 12th Lacey Lee & Stephanie Spitzer, 15th Thomas Markiewicz & Kathy Thiessen

Finals Schedule:

  • 1st Period Final Exam - 7:20 - 9:13
  • 3rd Period Attendance Exam - 9:20 - 11:30 - Early Release for students!
  • 1:00 pm - Ceremony Team Graduation practice in the NGC Main Gym. Lake Team, Butler Team and Field Team meeting locations e-mailed by the Team Leader.
  • Teacher End of Year Checklist turned in to Loftin or Engle tomorrow. Ceremony Team at 9:00 am or later and all other graduation teams at 11:00 am or later. You are free to leave once your checklist has been submitted as comp time for working graduation. THANK YOU!  
  • 12:00 pm - All faculty and staff are invited to the Senior Class Barbecue in the NGC Commons. We would love to treat you to lunch to show our appreciation for all you have done over the past four years to help these young people get and stay on track for their big day.

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