Mobile Apps in K-12 Classroom

5 mobile apps for students learning

Brain Pop

BrainPOP creates or provides animated video clips relate to the study materials that help teacher and student to do quizzes and study. It covers all the subjects and courses learn in school.

BrainPop can be used for both teacher and student. For teachers, it can provide helpful resources in teaching students with curriculum-based content such as quizzes, games, activities and much more. Also students are be able to study by searching up the materials they need for all subjects. Students can do quizzes, games relate to the study materials. It engages students to study with interests and be more focused.

Ted talks

Ted Talks provides short videos of speakers giving a speech or lecture about all sorts of study materials/relate to academic areas, scientific sources, global issues, political issues and so on. They use more than 100 languages of some of the videos.

For some students, it can visually helps students to understand about the materials easier than hardcopy notes and readings. Each speakers are professional people who are master in areas they teach. Teachers can show the video links in TEDS in classroom for students to brainstorm and get the ideas and concepts of their subject materials.


Evernote is a cloud-based software service for creating, organizing and storing pieces of media. In Evernote, users can create their own notes and files that can be stored in cloud and view it in cloud.

In classroom, students can create their own creative notes in Evernote that they learn in classroom. In additional sources, students can add videos, images and audio to help them  understand better of the materials they are learning. I can also directly stored in Cloud, and they can view anytime in their personal laptop and with their mobile devices.


I-Translate is a translator site where the words and sentences can be translate into more than 80 languages around the world. It also gives audio speech where users can type in sentences or a word and audio speaker says in correct pronunciation.

I-Translate is very helpful for students who are learning languages. It helps with grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation at the same time. Also you can check your pronunciation by using voice recognition to type and listen to translation using text-to-speech. Students can get better with their writing, reading, and speaking skills.

Myscript calculator

MyScript Calculator is an app for mathematical problems and operations. Users can handwrite the math equations. Put mathematical expression on the touch screen then MyScript converting symbols and numbers to digital text and can give the result in a quick time.

Students having difficult in solving mathematical problems, they can use MyScript Calculator using touch screen to have a clear sense of the equations and the processes they can see and get the result right away. It provides neat math notes for students and makes easier for them to solve the math problems without wasting papers.

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