Live and Learn

Keiara Lattimore

I believe

I believe in the power of words,

the fact that no ones perfect,

the sound of music,

the outcast that’s determined to be so much more,

the broken lives of those who are left without,

being different,taking risk,no limits

But I don't believe in self-hate, lies, and NORMAL

I believe in love,

I believe in living out loud,

I believe in acceptance,

peace, friendships, and those lessons learned,

And I believe in the fact that everyone is their own person and no one should be judged for being themselves

My Credo

Live and learn have always been a big part of how i live my life because, it simply says that as you go through life. You will have obstacles, and you might not handle them all the way you should but with time comes knowledge. After you’ve had a problem once you’ll how to deal with it when it crosses you again.This says to me that its ok to make mistakes because mistakes are meant to be learned from.

    Although I took this credo from my grandmother, It was kind of a natural thought to me. As a child I was a really bad perfectionist and I thought you had to get everything right the first time or you were a failure, sort of. She would always tell me you live and you learn. So it just kind of stuck with me. As the time went on I started to realize that I couldn’t do everything perfect.

   This credo is important to me because it taught me that it was okay to mess up and fall on your butt.It taught me that for every set back is a major comeback, so i choice this to be what i live by. Really its helped me choose what or who I want to be,by helping me choose my friends and the things i do in life.

    Im pretty sure it will change as i get older because I become less naive and more experienced. But I will always got back to it because its what i was taught since I was a child. To be honest for right now it really isn’t changing in the future maybe but for now i’m sticking with it. I feel like this credo will help me by showing me that everyday you’re goin to learn something new so don’t be worried or stuck on one mistake.

    In conclusion, I would say the significance of my credo would be the fact that it applies to all things. It has helped me a lot through out life. Making mistakes is what makes us human and this credo just helps me to realize that.

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