Brett Favre

By: Quinton S. : For Mrs.Hemry's 6th Hour English Class

A man of many jerseys .

(Above) Is a painting of Brett Favre on his many different teams

Brett was born on October 10, 1969, and is currently still living present day.

Brett was born in Gulfport Mississippi . Brett went to the University of Southern Mississippi. Brett Favre had a fantastic college football career. Brett suffered a car accident and and to get some of his intestines removed , and he also had several broken bones.

Favre's First NFL team was the Atlantic Falcons in the 1991 Draft.

Brett's Childhood

Favre had 3 brothers that lived with him. Those four grew up in the bayou hunting , fishing , and climbing trees. Brett Favre had a talent in two sports , baseball and football. Brett seemed like he was meant for baseball but with his dad being a football coach they found his hidden talent as a QB.

Five Unique Facts.

- Most attended NFL games.

-In 2012 Favre had the most passing yards in NFL history.

-Favre's first Superbowl win was against the New England Patriots.

-Farve now coaches at his old college football university.

-Brett was on many of different teams in his NFL career.  

Family Members.

Irvin Favre is Brett Favre's father. He was not only his father he was also his coach. Irvin coached Farve through baseball and football.

Deanna Favre is Brett's fiance . Deanna Favre was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, after that she soon started a fight against the disease.

Breliegh Favre is his daughter. Breleigh is a ver , very skilled volleyball player . She and her team have made it to states.

Favre's Accomplishments

Brett won his first Superbowl as a rookie which is unusual.

He has won 2 Superbowl's within his career.

He also has 6,300 passing yards wich was once a record but was broken by Peyton Manning.

Brett arrived to 298 games which is the most in NFL history.

Brett is also the only person in NFL history to win a playoff game over 40.

Favre throwing a very important throw.

Why Was he Important?

-Very Large amount of passing yards.

-Brett was a great leader of his team.

-Known as one of the best players in the game.

Quotes from Favre.

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