8.2 Reflections

Practice Problems 19 and 20 by S. Holden in Math II

#19 d. "What would Leonardo ask you to practice while writing sentences in a reflection?" -- I think Leonardo would ask me to work on the skill overall. As you can see it doesn't look fantastic. It looks like how I used to write in preschool.

e. "Explain why the fact about da Vinci in part (a) might have made mirror writing seem natural to him." -- As my teacher (Mr. Kirkland) said, "If the right hand moves from left to right, then the left hand should move from right to left."

#20 "Give three examples from every day life of objects or situations that show or use reflections." Take pictures of three objects, graphs or situations in class that show or use reflections.

Example 1

**The overall shape of the pizza shows a reflection.

Example 2

**The letter 'N' reflected over what I assume to be a y-axis.

Example 3

**The water shows the reflection of the trees.

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