Spanish Explorer

I am the captain of the Nina ship on a voyage to the New World. King Ferdinand is funding our trip. DeSoto is heading up our exploration to the New World. King Charles I of Spain authorized him to conquer and colonize the region that is now the southeastern United States. We are hoping to find gold and silver to bring back to the king. This will help gain wealth and prominence for the nation of Spain. I am also hoping to get rich and gain some notoriety for being a part of this exposition. I can't wait to see what the land looks like! I heard that we will encounter different animals and see unique plants that are on this new continent. I can't wait to explore the new terrain and all its surroundings. They say the soil is very rich, and good for growing crops. There is also talk that there are many mountains, rivers and streams. I've heard about the natives and I can't wait to met them! I want to tell them about Christianity so, I can spread The Good News. I want to serve not only the king but also my God.

After a long journey, we finally made it! We landed in the southern region of the New World, which later became known as Florida. It was very warm and humid when we landed on the narrow beaches of the bay. As we moved further inland, we encountered some of the natives. I thought that DeSoto was rather cruel to them. He treated them harshly and took some as slaves and interpreters. We continued our journey further north and reached the areas which later became known as, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee. We headed south into Alabama where we had a big battle with the natives and Indian Chief, Tuskaloosa in Mabila. They told us we could get more supplies by coming into the village but they attacked us shortly after.  We lost a lot of our men but the natives lost even more that day.  We knew something was up because there were no children and mostly just men at the camp.  After the battle, we headed west into Mississippi and crossed the great river.  Next, we headed north into Arkansas. At this point, we still had not found any gold or silver so we decided to take a little trip down the Mississippi River and head south.  We thought we might be lucky down there.  However, luck was not on our side and our leader, DeSoto got a terrible fever and quickly passed away.  I was so sad, but this is where my adventure ended. I headed back to the ship and with no gold and no silver to bring back to the king.  

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