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When you or a family member is injured, there are many difficult questions to answer. The North Carolina personal injury lawyers at Hendren & Malone have significant experience working with victims of unfortunate accidents.

    · Why should I hire an attorney for my personal injury case?

    · The other driver’s insurance company keeps calling me. Should I talk to them?

    · Can I fire my personal injury lawyer if I am unhappy with the representation?

    · The insurance adjuster won’t call me back. What should I do?

    · How long do I have to sue in North Carolina for injuries from a car accident?

    · I was injured in a car accident in North Carolina that was caused by a drunk driver. What are my rights?

    · I was hurt while riding as a passenger in a car. Does that change my rights?

    · Attorney’s Fees – How much do personal injury lawyers charge?

    · I received letters about medical liens and liens for my health insurance. What does this mean?

    · Important things to do following a personal injury accident

    · Why insurance companies love when you don’t have an attorney

    · Making a claim for underinsured motorist benefits in North Carolina

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