where the disease started

it started in California Disney theme park. the disease is very contagious and started as a little rash. then it spread to half a dozen other states. it also started as just a cold then broke out then was spread by  people that were going to other states.    

spreading of the disease

it was very contagious and was just a cough then was released to other was on the face then spread through out the body.the disease was then carried y people and just took off.

the state

this says that they are not very aware of the people that did not have the vaccine. it also shows that they couldn't control the disease. this means that they were not really trying to prevent the disease.

affect on government

it could affect the government because they could loose money trying to cure it. it could also hurt them because they could say that they don't care about it because people didn't get their shots. this could also say that they can not be trusted because they let something happen.

affect on economy

it could hurt them because they have to spend money to cure the disease. they could also loose money because they have to pay for the damage done.also they could be in the hole because of the money loose trying to find ways and things to cure it.

affect on culture

this could affect a culture because they couldn't live the way they wont because of the disease. also they could not be together because they have the disease.also if them not being together it would not be right without them.