By: America Valadez

How does the fashion industry and society affect body image? Its absurd that we loose and fail to see our value and self-worth at young ages because of fashion's and society's expectations. Some woman are starving themselves to be slim while others are eating as much as they can to actually gain weight.

The fashion industry has a big effect on woman, and actually promotes eating disorders. In any magazine you look through you may come to realize that all the fashion advertisements have very slim, skinny models promoting their products, clothes, etc. These models are told to only eat certain portions and drink certain things in order to reach the expectation of the designer. In the article "The Fashion Industry Promotes Eating Disorders" Jessica Bennett stated how back in 2007 at New York's fashion week heard Diane von F├╝rstenberg, president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), add fuel to the fire when she recently told a reporter that model weigh-ins in New York would happen "over my dead body."

Its not only "plus-sized" woman who are victims of this situation but thin girls are seen and are told they have "no curves" or that they're "skin and bones" and try to eat as much as they can to gain weight. These girls and woman are just born slim and no matter how much they eat they can put on any additional weight.  in her article " Some Perceptions of Thinness Are Unfair and Harmful" Julia Cheng states "If it was so great to be skinny, then why did I feel terrible about myself? And why did people go out of their way to attack my body on a daily basis?" its not just "plus-sized" girls being judged, "thin" girls are just often misjudged.

Its affecting woman of all ages and it starts young. As a society we should have never set expectations for people based on how they "should look" in stead of promoting eating disorders we should be promoting security and for girls to find and know their values and self-worth. Instead of judging anyone for their looks and weight, look for something positive in that person first. Pass a compliment in a respectful manner to a friend or even someone you barely talk to. Spread the joy and help girls know that their body image is unique and defines who they are so they should embrace it.

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2 years ago