Surviving 6th grade

By. Semi-Colin

    In grades before sixth, I read books like Diary of a Wimpy kid. From those books, I thought middle school was hard, had some bullies, and I thought I wouldn't make any new friends. That was why I was nervous for sixth grade.  When I was going to Madras on my first day of school, I was anxious to see what classes I will have ,and I wanted to know if my friends would be with me. But after the first week of school, I was already used to it. It was as easy as eating pie. I learned there was nothing to be nervous about. So, when I go into 7th, 8th, high school, and College, I will remember I will get used to it soon enough.

5th: You have around 30 minutes of recess, and P.E, music, and art for certain days.

6th: You have connections, 2 certain subjects for 45 minutes each. There is no recess.

5th: You put your belongings into a desk.

6th: All your belongings go to your locker, which is much more secure.

5th: You have 1-3 teachers you go to everyday.

6th: Since you have 6 periods, you have 6 teachers.

5th: When you get a book, you read it and then take an AR test.

6th: Enjoy your book without having to worry about an AR test. Just read.

5th: During announcements, you have the pledge of allegiance, the moment of silence, the announcements ,then its over.

6th: It's the same routine as 5th, except it's usually longer.

P: Test, exam ,or Milestone coming up?  S: Study everyday at an amount of time you're comfortable with and you'll do fine during the test. I recommended at least 10 minutes everyday before the test. If you don't study much, you may get a lower grade.

P: Always need to go to the bathroom? S: If your bladder fills as fast as a light, go every chance you get, even if you don't have to go at the time. You can go to the bathroom before school,in homeroom, connections, the last 5 minutes of most academic classes, during lunch, and before dismissal. Also, don't ask with only 1/4 of the bladder full, you can hold it. This may be useful for some guys I know.

P: Always lose or can't find work? S: Get organized! It's a skill I'm not that good at doing,  but it can help you. You can organize however you like, but its easier if organize papers into classes, and organize the classes into grades and notes.   A homework folder may do you well, if you need it.

P: Having trouble with your locker? S: Make sure you're at the right locker. If you are, try a few times. If it doesn't work, go to your homeroom teacher or an administrator to help you open it ,or to tell you the combination.

P: Trouble making new friends? S: Look for someone with similar interests as you, like TV, games , art , and  other hobbies. You can also get friend by talking about interesting parts of your life. Remember, a person who just asks you for paper or pencil often is not a friend.

*If you turn in your work late, then you will get a decreased grade in your gradebook.

*If there is a fire or tornado drill, then  you will have to work more efficiently because of lost time.

*If you chew gum in class, then you will get in trouble and have a slightly more unhealthy body.

*If you work quickly and efficiently, you will have less homework and will be able to finish work faster.

*If you interrupt the class often, then you will get warnings, then lunch detention, a phone call home, and finally a trip to the office.  

   I know what it means to be a successful 6th grader at Madras Middle School. To be a successful student is to be a student that tries his best and does well. The student has to get A's and/or B's. They have to try his or her best on everything they do, even out of school. It has to be a student that achieves his or her goals. They have to be helpful to his or her companions and peers. They have to be able to use teamwork and lead the team to their goals. They must show pride in their work.That is what I think is a successful student in Madras Middle School.

  The topic I'm an expert at is art. I loved to draw since I could hold a crayon without dropping or eating it. It was a skill I was born with, as neither my Mom nor my Dad is an artist, nor my grandparents! I drew realistic houses when I was 6 ,and my parents were so impressed. I won 1st place in a art competition when I was in kindergarten. This is most likely a result of my creativity. My room and my desk is scattered with art I did when I was younger. I take up notebooks ,full of my weird and cool drawings and sketches.My passion for art also has followed me to middle school. I'm in Art Club, and getting a 100 in art class. In every project with art in it, I find the drawing part the most fun and time consuming. I go down to little details in my art. I'm a tiger and the jungle I'm in is art. There is no doubt , I'm an expert at art, and I'm happy I can talk about it.

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