Goal: Create a way to package box tops using the tools provided.
TEK 3.2A

Baffling Box Tops

Audience: PTA

While cleaning out a closet, PTA found a large box of box tops. They looked up the deadline to turn in the box tops and discovered they have 2 weeks to send the box tops in for this year. They need you to come up with a way to package the box tops in 1000’s, 100’s, 10’s, and 1’s (maybe name these or qualify them). They need you to package them in as few packages as possible. PTA has a limited budget to ship. The more money we save, the more money goes into your classroom.

TIPS for success:
1. Bring in a box to establish parameters for the discovery.
2. What would be reasonable? Create a reasonable range without giving an exact quantity (more than 1200 and less than a million).
3. Your number needs to have a different digit in all place values.

Product: Create a proposal that includes a model that represents your thinking process (visual representation) for PTA that explains the best method to ship the box tops. Prepare your model and plan a TED talk to share your proposal.

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Possible extension

  1-to-1, Not Us!

Third grade students are outraged to discover that they will not receive devices. The school district receives a discount if they purchase devices in bulk. The plan is to provide each third grade class with 6 devices per class. The class size is 20 to 22. If we purchase Ipads in bundles of ten, then our price is $400 per device. We would like to raise funds, but how? Design a fundraiser that provides Ipads for your classroom. You will need a timeline and a proposal for your teacher, principal, or PTA.