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Women's Wear

Dresses:  One-piece or two-piece, All occasion, Daytime Sundresses, Evening Bridal, After Five

Evening, Bridal, and After five: Gowns, Cocktail dresses, formal wear

Women's Sportswear

Pants: Athletic, Capri/cropped, Casual, Dress

Skirts: A-line, Pencil

Sweaters: Turtleneck, Cardigan, Pullover

Tops: Blouses, Knit Tops, Shirts, Tanks, Tees

Jeans and other denim wear: 5-pocket, Low rise, Boot cut, Stretch, Skirts, Shirts

Suits: Jackets with pants and/or skirts

Active Sportswear: Swimwear, Exercise, Beachwear, Dance wear, Warm-up suits

Coats: All weather, Leather, Trench, Rain gear

Jackets: Active, Blazers, Casual

Intimate Apparel: Foundations (Bra and Panties), Camisoles, Boyshorts, Tanks, Thongs, Shapewear.

Sleepwear: Linger, Loungewear, Robes, Pajamas

Maternity: Apparel that will expand

the sizes you will fond on women's wear are

Sizing for Women's wear

  • Misses :Fuller figure, Longer waisted, Sizes even numbers 0 to 20
  • Juniors: A size, not an age, Youthful look, Slender and shorter waisted, Sizes odd numbers 0-15
  • Petites: Shorter women usually 5’4” and under, Sized using a “P” after the number
  • Women’s (plus size): Larger fuller figures of average height, Sized using a “W” after the number
  • Tall (over 5’8”): Hemlines, sleeves, and waistlines longer ,Sized using a “T” after the number
  • Maternity: Garments that allow for expansion, Available in a range of womenswear sizes
  • Double ticketed: Apparel is marked with two sizes.
  • Menswear

    Sportswear: Street wear, Jeans, Casual shirts, pants, sweaters

    Street Wear (Urban wear): Sean Jean, Rocawear, G-Unit

    Jeans: Boot, Carpenter, Loose, Baggy

    Shirts (Casual): Long-sleeve, Short-sleeve, Polo, Knit

    Pants: Casual, Cargo, Utility, Dress, Khaki

    Sweaters: Cardigan, pullover, Crewneck V-neck, Turtleneck

    Tailored Clothing: Overcoats, Suits, Sports coats, Blazes

    Outerwear: Coats, Parkas, Jackets, Snow wear

    Furnishings: Dress shirts, Underwear, Ties, Sleepwear, Socks

    Underwear: Boxes, Boxer briefs, Briefs, T-shirts

    Sleepwear: Robes, Pajamas

    Active wear: Hoodies, Tees, Warm-ups, Jerseys, Fleece Pants, Shorts

    Work Clothing: Work Shirts and Pants, Overalls and jeans, Uniforms

    Formal wear: Wedding attire, Tuxedos, Dinner Jackets

    Sizing for Menswear

  • Tailored clothing:Suits sized by chest measurement and height, Short: 5’5” to 5’7”, Regular: 5’8” to 5’11”, Long: 6’ to 6’3”, Extra long: 6’4” and over, Extra large: size 50 and over and 6’ or taller , Portly: large sizes and 5’5” to 6’ , Athletic cut: expanded chests and narrowed waistlines
  • Shirts: •S, M, L, XL, XXL for sports shirts and sweaters, Dual sizing for dress shirts (Neck width and sleeve length) Example: 16” neck size x 32” sleeve length)
  • Pants: Waist size and inseam length (34” waist x 36” length), Some men’s pants may come in S, M, L, XL, XXL.
  • Infants' and Children's Wear

    Infants Apparel: Babies and toddlers younger than Three years old

    Children: Girls ages 3 through 13, Boys ages 3 through 16

    Sizing for Infants’ and Children’s Apparel

  • Infants: Newborn, 0-24 months –3-6 months –6-12 months –12-18 months –18-24 months, S, M, L, XL
  • Toddlers: 2T – 4T
  • Children: Preschool –Slim, regular, girls and boys, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6x, and 7 –Small (2-3), medium (4-5, and large (6-7), Older –Girls sizes 7-16 and also slim or plus sizes –Boys sizes 8-22 and also slim or husky sizes
  • Accessories

    Jewelry: Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Brooches, Watches, Earring

    Jewelry Categories:

    - Fine-Most expensive and and highest quality jewelry. (Gold, silver, platinum, Precious stones, Semi-Precious stones)   

       -Bridge: Jewelry made to look like fine jewelry but less expensive.         

    - Costume: The least expensive and the most commonly purchased jewelry.          - Footwear: Dress Shoes, Casual Shoes, Slippers, Athletic Shoes, Sandals, Boots

    Hosiery: Pantyhose, Stockings, Socks

    Handbags and small leather goods: Clutch, Satchel, Tote, Shoulder bag, Billfolds, Checkbook cases, Briefcases, Eyeglass cases

    Belts: Rope, Sash, Cummerbund, Belts with buckles

    Head wear: Visors, Hats, Caps

    Hand wear: Gloves, Mittens, Work gloves

    Neck wear:  Scarves, Shawls, Ties


    Home furnishings: Furniture, Window treatments, Furniture coverings, Bed, bath, and kitchen textiles, Decorative rugs, Art, Candles and lighting, Frames


    Cosmetics: Products applied to the face, skin, or hair to improve appearance.

    Toiletries: Personal care products used in grooming.

    Fragrances: Products that add a pleasant scent such as perfume, cologne, and bath products.

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