iPad Apps for Mobile Learning

EDU 210 Module 9


EarthViewer is an app that allows students to view the Earth throughout its geologic history. It details how the planet was formed and how its surface has changed throughout it history.

How can it be used? This app can be used in a science class to show how different geologic processes work. It gives students a good visual representation of how these processes work.

Nova Elements

Nova Elements is an interactive periodic table that details the different elements and their properties. It also details the overall structure of the periodic table and how the different elements are organized within it.

How can it be used? This app could be used in a science or chemistry class to help students learn about the periodic table and specific elements. The app contains videos that help students understand why the periodic table is laid out in the way it is and how that correlates to the properties of different elements.

Orbit Architect

Orbit architect is a simulation that allows you to see how a satellite would behave in orbit under different conditions.

How can it be used? In class, this app could be used to allow students to create a scenario for their own satellite. They can determine its orbit according to the purpose they want it to serve.

Google Earth

Google Earth allows you to view different locations around the globe. The app incorporates different layers that allow you to view things such as borders, road maps, satellite images, and photographs.

How can it be used? Google earth allows students to see the Earth in three dimensions unlike standard maps or atlases. It can also be used to measure distances using the tools within the app.

Video Science

This app contains a variety of videos that show different science experiments.

How can it be used? This app allows teachers to see a variety of experiments that could be used in class. The app could also allow students to see the results of experiments that they are unable to do in class.

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