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Our process

Before we begin to advise you with your investments you will sit down with one of our employees and we will discuss what your investment objective is, and build your investment plan around it. The next step in our process is to diversify your investments before they happen. We will not do buisness with you if you only want to put your eggs in one basket, the possibility of a Salmonella outbreak does not make it worth the risk. Once wh have determined how we will diversify your investment, we will educate you on the different options for investments. They are as follows

401(k) plans

Money in your retirement plan that could be matched by your employer, and allows you to delay paying taxes on the finances inside of it until you retire


To start off, bonds are a contract created by a corporation in which the corporation agrees to repay the bondholder by a certain time with a set amount of intrest. There are 3 bond types to choose from.

10- Year Treasury notes

Pays interest every 6 months, pays the face value when it matures, and is the only security that is exempt from local and state taxes

Corporate Bonds

Bonds issued by a company in order to help the company along

Municipal bonds

Bonds issued from the state and local government in order to finance projects


Certificates of deposits are very similar to bonds but they are primarily offered by banks, S&Ls and credit unions. Typically the money gained from CDs can be re-invested back into the CD allowing the intrest to compound. Since CDs are primarily obtained through banks, S&Ls and credit unions, it is insured by the federal government

Junk Bonds

High rish, high reward. This is a long term investment

Treasury Bills

Short term investments that mature in less than one year, are sold in denominations of 1,000 with the maximum amount of them that you perchase being 5,000 of them


The funds given to a company by their stockholders along with their earnings(or losses)

Money Market Mutual Funds

A mutual fund that invests itself in short-term debt securities

Our packages

Low risk

401(k), CDs, 10 year treasury notes

Middle risk

Corporate bonds, Municipal bonds, Mutual funds

High risk

Money Market Mutual Funds, equities, Junk bonds,

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