Should i stay or leave

Dale Oakley

Something new
Brass looks like gold
it plays beautiful music
it has a bell at the end
round as a cup
it sits in my hands
cold and new
we go outside to march
hate the parades
parades hurt my back
i don't want parades
love to be in band
never want to leave it if i do then its my lost when
i started i felt proud
like my parents knew i was there
every once in a while it like they don't know im there felt invisible to everyone i saw i still do
the day i got it
i felt good to play musiclike no one can bother me i bet there are people that would bother me
not as bad though i met new people in band and i cant wait for high school i heard high school band is better than middle school band all my friends i have was because of band my friend Rachel showed me more friends i never want to lose them all thanks from get a brass instrument i meet a lot of friends but i cant help what i should do if i lost them i would feel like something happened that i caused it
i play the best music in bandwe march in parades every year i wish we didn't i joined prop crew through band i meet a few high schoolers i went to state best place i have ever been they worked hard they didn't need to practice more they were good got second place we should've been first some kids were sad some were happy but at least we got to state now i'm thinking of quitting band its not being fun anymorei did t to make friends but now i don't know should i leave or should i stay in bandi would miss it but i'm not sure what to do anymore

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