Red Glass

By: Laura Resau


Sophie: paranoid teenage girl

Mom: Sophie's mother

Juan: Sophie's stepfather

Dika: Sophie's great-aunt from Bosnia

Pablo: a Mexican boy found in desert with Juan's business card

Mr. Lorenzo: Dika's boyfriend; immigrant from Guatemala

Ángel: Mr. Lorenzo's teenage son; also from Guatemala


     An immigrant boy, named Pablo, is found in the desert with Juan's business card.  Pablo was the only survivor of an immigrant family trying to cross the border.  Dika convinces the family to let him stay with them until they see if he has any extended family.  Sophie enjoys having Pablo stay with them and calls him her Principito, Little Prince, after one of her favorite books.  Pablo hardly ever speaks, until a year later, he tells them where he is from.  With this information they are able to contact his aunts and grandparents.

     Dika, Mr. Lorenzo, Ángel, and Sophie all have to take Pablo to his village where he must decide whether he wants to stay in the U.S. or stay with his family.  Mr. Lorenzo, and Ángel will also go to Guatemala to find his mothers buried jewels.  On the long ride south, Sophie begins to lose some of her fears and falls in love with Ángel.  They finally arrive at Pablo's village and meet his family.  Mr. Lorenzo and Ángel leave to go to Guatemala but don't come back because their passports and money were stolen.  Sophie must then decide whether to go save them or let her fears overcome her.  Traveling alone as a gringa is dangerous in this part of the world.

What Did I Enjoy About This Book?

What I enjoyed about this book was that some words were in Spanish and I could understand them because of Spanish class.

Was The Book Well Written?

Yes, the book was well written because the author did a good job at explaining and showing the different culture of Mexico.

Was The Ending Satisfactory?

The end was sort of satisfactory because some things ended up the way I wanted them to and others didn't.

Facts About The Author.

She lived in the Mixtec region of Oaxaca, Mexico, for two years as an English teacher and used her experience there to write this book using that setting.

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