Graphical Stories

Graph#4: "The Sailor's Sail"

(Note: The sail is 50 feet tall, not the boat).

#4:       Once upon a time, a sailor was lost at sea. Luckily, he was able to find his location, and he knew how to get to where he was going. Now, the hard part; he had to raise the sail. The sailor had a large boat, almost 50 feet tall! He only needed to raise the sail 5 feet, but, he knew that it would take a long time to raise the sail, because his crew was very lazy, slow, and not very smart. The sail was already at 45 feet, so the sailor thought the crew might actually be able to get the job done. Like I said though, the crew was not very smart, and they lowered the sail! They  lowered it, so the sail went down to 30 feet, and took them about 15 minutes. They lowered at a pretty slow, constant pace. The rate of change was 1 foot per minute. The crew said that they wee too tired, even though they were just being lazy, and they said they wanted a break. They took a 15 minute break, so the sail remained at 30 feet for 15 minutes. The rate of change here was zero feet per minute. After the sailor was able to herd his crew back together, they started to pull the ropes again, and this time, a little bit faster, with a constant pace. Even after pulling the sail down once, the crew did not learn from their mistake, because they pulled it down again! This time, the sail went to zero feet from 30 feet, and the sail went down on the surface of the boat. They took another 15 minutes to this. The rate of change was 2 feet per minute.The sailor was very disappointed, and decided to just swim to the shore, which was only about 25 feet away, so I guess you could say that the sailor was not very smart either. At the end, the sail remained at zero, and all together 45 minutes were taken up to lower the flag.

                                    By: Pallavi Chennamaneni  Period#6  11/8/2014

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