Author Study

By: Olivia Petersen

My author is Patricia Polacco, and I'm going to tell you about her.


I think that the theme of her books are to never give up, no matter what challenges you may face. I think this because when she was a child, she found that she had dyslexia, so it made it hard for her to read. I also think this because she as a child was bullied, but she never gave up hope. She also wrote a book about a child who was a bully, but he overcame that to become a better person.


Patricia Polacco lived on a farm in Union city till she was 5 years old, with mother and grandmother. She then lived in Oakland, California. As a child, she had a hard time reading due to a disability called dyslexia. She would always be teased because of the fact that she couldn't read, but even though she couldn't read, she was an amazing artist. Her grandmother was an amazing story teller born in Russia.


When she was 41 years old in Union City, Patricia Polacco started writing books for children to tell of experiences in her life


I think that the tone of her books are sad, then it becomes a happy story. I think this because in one of her books, it tells the story of her getting bullied and then overcoming that bully. In another book, it tells the story of a bully, he strays away from bullying, then continues, but soon stops. I also think this because in another story, a woman loses her kitten that she dearly loved, but soon, they found the small kitten, and they had never given up hope.

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