An Australian Interpretation of the documentary "Super Size Me".

As an Australian I grew up messing around in the bush, always getting dirty, and mainly just running about making a muck. After watching this documentary "Super size me" I would be very surprised if many people featured in this documentary could actually run.It has surprised me as an Australian that America would allow fast food chains to get so out of hand with the portions and accessibility allowed to purchase fast food. McDonald's now in Australia has become more classy as in it's become more hygienic, make sure kilojoule count is available, sizes aren't blown out of proportion, and that there is certain codes of conduct that must be followed and maintained in each McDonald's. An Australian Large meal is the same size in comparison to a medium meal in America. This can only show the more unhealthy foods they are able to consume and that the accessibility to more unhealthy foods are only a couple dollars away. The McDonald's in Australia I find are much better compared to the U.S due to the fact we have laws on what type of chemicals can go into our burgers, customer service is a lot better, we now have create your taste which allows a person to create their own meal and burger. On the whole the message that was displayed to me in the documentary is to show the viewer that harm of eating McDonald's can do to one's self and that the things you eat can really effect your lifestyle and the type of person you will become.

In the U.S, the only place you can go to be more than 100 miles from a McDonald’s restaurant is the desert on the Nevada border.

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