How is the American Society represented in the documentary?

After watching the documentary Super Size Me directed by Morgan Spurlock. I have to say that it was pretty confronting at the amount of people in America that eat Fast Food. The documentary is about a man by the name of Morgan Spurlock who ate a high fat diet for a month by eating McDonald's for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything in between. Morgan wanted to show the world what a high fat diet diet will do to you or just the effect of junk food in general. Throughout the documentary they gave us some facts like each day 1 in 4 Americans visit a fast food restaurant and obesity is the 2nd most leading cause of death in the US. Whilst you are eating Fast food could you imagine that you could be eating nearly 1 tonne of sugar in just one Big mac burger. The schools in America need to start teaching the kids what healthy food is and what fast food does to you, and if America doesn't stop this eating distorter then more of them are going to die so they need to stop NOW!!


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