Looking back, moving forward

To Mom and Dad

I have many cool and funny memories. Right now I am in 8th grade. I am almost graduating and I will be in a bigger step, that is why I will be in High school. This year went so quick just like a blink of an eye. The school I am graduating in is St. Clare School. I've been in St. Clare School for 9 years now. I came to St. Clare School in kindergarten. Next year will be a much more different and a cool year. I will be making new friends. St. Clare has been an amazing time and very great memories. I will never forget that school. It will always be a very special place but now it's a time to start moving on. This will be a very special moment to go to High School. It will be many changes but that would be a good thing! I thank you parents so much for giving me the best education as possible.



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