3 Tips To Help Start Pitch Building

Got an IDEA? Pitch It!

1. Understand Who You Are: There is a part of you that you generally dont talk about with people. There is something inside that drives your passion to create, to take the chance and start something from nothing. Figure out what it is and weave it into your pitch. Here is a hint, it is the thing that makes you feel awkward when you talk about it. Once you get past that awkwardness you have unlocked the ability to craft an amazing pitch.

2. Stop talking like the SHAM WOW GUY: Be natural, when you pitch the person listening does not want to feel like they are being spoken to by an infomercial or a robot. Every time you go to pitch imagine talking to your best friend on the way to get lunch. It needs to be authentic, casual and human.

3. Make them invest in you: Real people, people you want on your team invest in you, not your product. When pitching tell them a story, hook them in, make them feel as if they are a part of your life. If you can get that person to invest in you as human capital then the financial capital required for your idea will come.