By: Gabrielle Davis

This is Africa. This is where Animism is located.


Animism has no specific person or someone they worship. They worship nature and ancestors. They don't have a holy book, but Animism is a very traditional system for many cultures. They believe that all things, living and nonliving have a spirit. Animism affected our culture by demonstrating great understanding of nature and shows great reverence for ancestors that have pasted away.

This picture above is something that people who study Animism believe in very much, Nature. They believe that you have to be respectful to things that are non living and living because they believe they have spirits. Animism does not have any "laws" that they have to follow. They just know to respect nature and their ancestors.

One interesting fact is they see spirits as nice or mean.

Another fact is The Karen believe spirits live in houses, fields, water, rice, buffalo, and trees.


This is where people study Shintoism. This is Japan.

Shintoism is located in Japan. They don't have a holy book, and they don't have any people that are really important. They believe that all things have spirits of "Kami", including their emperor. They had an impact on us by having great respect for natural world. especially for their emperor in the past. The have no certain laws the follow.

This is so something Shintoism believe in or have in japan.

Interesting facts

-The Kami began as mysterious forces such as unusual mountains and rocky cliffs and caves, springs and stones.

- One of there ceremonies are washing with water for protection.


Hinduism is located in India. They have a holy book and its called Vedas. They have no important people that they worship. They believe in Reincarnation. They believe that ones soul is reborn into another form until perfection is reached. There affect on the culture is try to lead a good life in order to keep moving toward perfection.

Essential Elements

Reincarnation- the belief that the soul comes back in another form after the bodies death.

Dharma- The overall values and rules of Hinduism

Karma- The behavior of a Hindu



Caste system- The social order of separate castes through Karma- people move up or down the caste system which organized India s0ciety.

This is Hinduism's Holy Book.

-Its the third largest religion with more than 1 billion followers.

-Hinduism has no single founder.


This is India. This is where Buddhism is located

Buddhism started in India but eventually moved out of India because it was not accepted there. Missionaries spread it around. It went to China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. They believed in ending your suffering by ending your desires. The affect on the culture is accept what life brings to you. They have no holy book. The important person is Buddha. Their Related Elements are " Four Noble Truths". They are Everyone suffers, suffering is caused by having desires, to end suffering, end your desires, and to end your desires, follow the Eight Fold Path.

This is Buddha.

- it is the 4th largest religion

-It is found in Northeastern India.


This is the Taoism Holy Text.

Taoism is located in China. They have a holy book, seen in the picture above. They don't have any important people. They believe that you need to follow the way of nature and to accept the things you cannot change. The affect on the culture was they don't change the natural process and accept things as they come.

-Lao Tze- the founder of Taoism

-Found in 550 B.C


This is the Holy Text.

Confucianism is located in China. They believe in that all people need to accept their role in society. The affect on the culture is have a great deal of respect for parents, elders and country. The important person is Confucius. The Related Elements are "5 Relationships". They are :

-Father- Son

-Older brother- Younger Brother

- Husband- Wife

-Ruler- Subjects


-Education is very important.

-government officials should be well trained for their position


This is the Holy Book.

Judaism is located in the Middle East. Torah is their Holy Text. They believe in Monotheism- One god. God will send Messiah to them someday. They affected us by saying try to follow God's laws, the 10 Commandments so the Messiah will come. The Jews were kicked out of "Palestine" by the Romans. They left during the Diaspora, the scattering of Jews during the 1st century. The Jews moved to Ghettos. They have no important people.

-They lead a good moral life.

-Began in the fertile cresent area


Holy book of Christianity.

Christianity started in the Middle East. The Holy book is the bible. The important person is Jesus. Jesus is the son of god that he is the Messiah. They believe in one god. The affect on the culture is simple riles won many converts to Christianity. After the death of Jesus, missionaries spread the word. The Roman Empire persecuted Chrisitans.


-Live a good moral life.

-Became the major belief


Islam's Holy Book.

Islam is located in the Middle East. They have a holy book as seen above. It is called Qur'an. They believe in one god. They believe to follow Allah in all things above everything else, Mohammed is the Messiah who spread the word of God. They affected the culture by the religious laws of Islam are so important that they became the political laws of the nation.

Out of Mecca, east to India, west across North Africa, and on into Spain. They spread Islam by Military Conquest.

The "Five Pillars of Faith"

- Recite: say each day," there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.

- Pray: five times a day, facing Mecca.

-Charity: give to charity regularly

-Fast: go without food or drink from sunrise to sunset during the Holy month Ramdon.

-Pilgrimage: try to make a journey to Mecca at least once in your life.

-Arab warriors were ferocious fighters

-Each Muslims need to adhere to the "Five Pillars of Faith"

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