Technology Integration Training
February 16, 2015

Objective: Participants will explore interactive and emerging technology and determine one way to integrate digital learning.

Getting Started Activity


Chrome Tips and Tricks

Formative Assessment Tools

Edmodo Code: n83ivp

Aligned formative assessments and mastery checks are instrumental in planning for learning in the taught curriculum. The following student response systems allow students to use their own devices in the classroom and afford the teacher with a paperless analysis of who understands and who needs assistance.  Students enjoy using their own devices and as a result teachers will see increased active cognitive engagement.


Teacher's use their own device, to quickly scan the student QR Codes in a matter of seconds to check for understanding.  


Kahoot! is a fun and engaging online tool that allows teachers to create quick game based reviews. Teachers will go to to create their account and launch their quizzes.  Students will go to on any device to play by entering in the game pin.


Socrative is a free student response system that includes quick assessment features and quiz-based activities.

This is free quiz creation program on the web that is accessible on iPads, computers, and smart phones. Creation is quick and easy and can be as detailed as you would like it to be. The BEST part is it grades them for you!

QR Codes

Provide student feedback and examples.


With this tool teachers can share interactive multimedia presentations in a way that allows students to participate explanation and problem solving process.

Google Classroom Code: njrdl8t


Edpuzzle is a quick and easy resource to use to upload your own videos or videos from other resources and customize them for your students. You can create voice overs, a variety of questions, and edit the videos to remove portions you don't need. Within Edpuzzle you can create classes and assign the videos to specific classes. From there you can monitor student progress. Students join by being given a class code.

Class Code: aQn9gL