"JUST KEEP SWIMMING" by Keshav Laul and Connor Boylen

Angel: six inches. Lives in 76-86Fwater temperature. A freshwater fish and is very peaceful. Kenyi African Cichilid: six inches. Lives in 72-82F water. Very peaceful  and freshwater fish. Both fish are middle tank swimmers.

We were able to stay under the budget of $700 spending most of the money on the tank. Our total was $610.50.

Our tank was a medium size tank that could hold 46.875 gallons.The volume of the gravel was 180 inches of gravel.Thatwould be 14 bags of gravel. The depth of the Gravel is 3 inches. For decorations we got the blue medium rock which was $15, the Begonia plant which was four dollars, and the blue ribbon plant which was $10 and we got two of them. Other decorations were coral with flowers which was $45 and the coral-tall which was $25.we also got a filter that holds up to 60 gallons which was $70, a trutemp heater for $36, and finally a 36in. Light for $50.

This is our equation for the amount of fish we bought.

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