Aquarium Project

Nathan Craven and Nathan Stanley

    In order to create a satisfactory fish tank with a budget of $700, we'll need a tank size of 36 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 20 inches high, which costs $225 along with holding up to 46.875 gallons of water, a water filter for tanks up to 80 gallons, which costs $70, a TruTemp Heater set at 73°F, which costs $36, a Aqueon Fluorescent Deluxe Full Hood tank light, and which costs $50, 15 bags of 5 lb fish tank gravel, which will cost $82.50 total.

   Now, for decor, we'll need, for fake plants, 1 blue mediums, which will cost $15, a medium sized jungle pod, which will cost $12, 1 driftwood decoration, which will be $35, 1 coral with flowers, which will cost $45, 1 craggy sea rock, which will be $55, and a roman ruins, which will be $40.

   We now have $84.50, so for fish, we'll want 1 Fancy Goldfish, which will be $32.99, 4 fantail goldfish, which will be $13.56, 2 Kennyi African Chichlids, which will be $13.78, 2 Spotted African Leaf Fish, which will cost $17.98. So, in total, we spent $693.81. We now have $6.19 remaining, so I believe we did a magnificent job.

*Report is separate