Symbolism Of My Life

This picture symbolizes my passion for wanting to make people laugh and try to make someones day. This picture also symbolizes me because I like to smile even when its a really bad situation there's not a second I can go without smiling.

This picture symbolizes my athletics and my participation in Track & Field.

This picture symbolizes my giving ways. This symbolizes me giving to people in need more than myself.

This picture shows my determination on trying to do good things and try to make to the next level for my family. I drive myself day in and day out to achieve my goals in doing so.

This picture symbolizes me caring for everyones problems big or small. I believe that everyone needs a hug at random moment.

This picture represents my smarts. This symbolizes me because I am really smart in some areas.

This picture symbolizes me because I always get the new Jordans and because of my sorta flashy ways.

Poem: Young Toronto(I AM From)

I am from music

From pop to rap.

I am from happy times and sad.

I am from football and basketball.

I am from delicious food and crazy desserts.

I am from Darrell Caldwell and Carla Pickens

I am from learning from mistakes and always doing my best

I am from school and home

I am from Toronto, Canada

I am from dreams and wonder

I am from humor and jokes

I am from Clippers and Packers and Buckeyes

I am from memories and new adventures

I am from a loving family and a lot of friends


I selected this song because in the song he talks about buying a lot of clothes and shoes, basically, balling out in a thrift shop. Not saying I purchase items from the thrift shop but I tend to buy lots of shoes and clothes.



This logo represents my life because I was born into sports. I've played sports all my life and most of my knowledge was work hard to play hard. I was to always play to my best performance so I could turn my dreams into realities.

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