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About us

Here at Specialized Wage Allocation Gains Inc. (SWAG Inc.) we take your money and invest it your way. Created in a high school classroom, we have grown and expanded our reach and knowledge, knowing were to place your money in order for you to get as much profit as possible. We also understand that everyone is different and has their own unique ways of using money. Which is why we have created these three packages in order to encompass everyone. Don't like our packages? Call our office for the customization package.

Will you let us dominate the marketplace for you, or will you want us to play it safe?

High Risk Package

If you have money just laying around your house, you should invest them in our high risk package. Though the risk of losing money is extremely high and somewhat unsafe, the payout for the stocks have the highest potential of giving you even more money. Our High Risk package includes stocks  and cooperate bonds.


One of our most popular choices, our team of veteran brokers will invest your money in the highest risk stocks that are on the stock market. Some of these stocks include common stocks, preferred stocks, and penny stocks. Through this choice, you have the potential to have a huge to planetary payout depending on how much money that you give to use to invest. There is also the chance that you could loss most, if not all, of the money that you give to us.

Corporate Bonds

Although most bonds are thought of as low risk, we but your investments in moneys that could go under depending on what and how you invest. If you invests in a stable, big company then the risk is still big and not too big. But if you invest in a small company, that is where the risk comes in. If that small business suddenly begins to boom, then your payout is extremely huge. However if they sink, then so does your money.

Medium Risk Package

This package if for those who want to make a moderate amount of money without a huge risk of losing your money. Though there is still a moderate amount of risk, the pay out makes up for that risk. It is considered pretty safe, though not totally safe. This package includes mutual funds and 401(k)s,


We will take money from your paycheck, either before or after tax, and start to invest it in many different areas of the marketplace. Invest in the right places, you could earn a substantial amount of money. However, there is still that risk that you could lose it all.

Mutual Funds

We invest in your money is a wide variety of mutual funds that is the perfect combination of risk and reward. There is enough risk for you it to not be a low risk investment while still obtain a solid cash flow. This is recommended to all of our customer because it gives you a wide range of money making opportunities without the high risk involved.

Low Risk Package

These are for the people who just want to make a constant amount of money with little to risk for losing their money. These kinds of investments won't get you much money, but it will still get you money none the less. This package includes bonds, certificate of deposits,  and treasury notes/bills.


We will invest your money in about every bond that you can think of. Government bonds, municipal bonds. You name it and we will invest in it. Bonds are a great way to earn a little bit of cash without the risk of losing pretty much any of your money. You don't do anything pretty much, the bond just takes your money and starts adding to it little by little. You could try corporate bonds, however they are not included in this packing. Go check High Risk Package for corporate bonds.

Certificate of Deposits

We will invest your money into a bank for a specified length of time and your money will just keep adding up. There is practically no risk involved in this process. However, you do have to wait a certain amount of time before you will be able to obtain the money the certificate gives you. It is a good long term investment, but not a very good short term one.

Treasury Notes/Bills

These are long term and short term bonds that get greater from anywhere between 1 - 10 years. There is practically no way you could lose your money due to the government backing it up. Well, that is unless the government shuts down, then you could lose your money. But that probably won't happen.