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what you will need for the bubbling volcano


  1. dishwashing soap 1 tbl
  2. vinegar (any kind) half the container
  3. baking soda 2 tbls
  4. clay brown and blue
  5. tray to hold volcano
  6. container (can, cup, water bottle or small plastic container)
  7. An adult to cut top off containers lid
  8. Can opener or knife
  9. Paper plate
  10. 4 small plastic grocery bags
  11. Duck tape
  12. red food coloring 7 drops

Step-by-step of how you put it together:

  1. Take a small plastic container, can, cup or a water bottle. (cut off the containers lid)
  2. Buy some clay from the store and flatten it out using a rolling pin and wax paper.
  3. Cut a hole in the center of the paper plate big enough so it can fit over the can.
  4. Use duck tape to attach the plate to the can to shape the volcano.
  5. Use the grocery bags under the plate to help form volcano and tape it together.
  6. Place the clay around the cup then use your fingers to close the holes.
  7. Put volcano on a tray then use blue clay for water.
  8. Put vinegar into the volcano.
  9. Put the dishwashing soap into the cup.
  10. Add food coloring.
  11. the final step is putting in the baking soda.

Will the project work?

yes because when you mix baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar together it will cause it to bubble and overflow.

i think you should do this project because it is fun.

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