Sweet Potato Anti-Aging Lotion - Does it Work?

This sweet potato anti-aging lotion is claimed to be pretty much a miracle lotion.  It supposedly not only moisturizes, but also helps reduce wrinkles, and fade dark spots, and smooth dry patches.  All sounds great when you're trying to look younger, but does it WORK?

Sweet potatoes are EXCELLENT for your skin... see all that Vitamin A?

Organic Sweet Potato Body Lotion Review

Sweet potatoes as a food are excellent for your skin, no doubt about that - BUT....

Does a lotion with sweet potatoes IN it really work to improve your skin?

The Lotion Is...

Sweet Potatoes and Your Skin

First, let's talk about sweet potatoes and your skin...

In the southern island of Japan, there's a group of Japanese known as the Okinawans. The people that are renowned for their youthful complexions and not looking their age. So what is their secret to this fountain of youth? The secret is believed to be that diet. They feast on starchy root vegetables as part of their main diet, and one of these core vegetables is the sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes and other starchy root vegetables are anti-aging superstars. For years, nutritionists have advised us to fill plates with a variety of colors of vegetables - and not just the green variety. Conventional potatoes don't provide the same kick. The sweet potato provides sugar but unlike sweets, to provide a slow release and sustainable source of carbohydrates, essential to our energy and vitality.

Sweet Potato Face Mask

In fact a recent study from China demonstrated how the purple sweet potato contains a naturally occurring anthocyanin, (a super powerful antioxidant that has neuro-protective effects).

The sweet potato is also rich in vitamin A in the form of beta carotene. This element is essential for preventing rough and scaly skin. It also helps protect the skin against sun damage and helps to balance the pH levels and promotes softer skin complexions. The antioxidant levels contained in the potatoes are so high that they are excellent for cancer prevention. So if one of your loved ones is a smoker, feed them sweet potatoes!

Another reason why you would want to include sweet potatoes in your diet is for its high hyaluronic acid levels. As we get older, these acid levels drop. Our bodies depend on this to keep our skin moisturized and the joints in our body lubricated. It also helps to maintain levels of collagen in our skin without resulting to bovine collagen injections. Article Source

Overall Consumer Reviews

Dr Oz and Sweet Potatoes

Dr Oz highly recommends this sweet potato-based supplement - and people have had great results with it.

So, What About Sweet Potato Lotion for your Skin?

Now that we have a clear understanding of how effective sweet potatoes can be when it comes to anti-aging benefits and all-around skin health benefits, let's talk about this wonderful new anti-aging sweet potato skin lotion.

What Does the Lotion Do?

This specific brand of sweet potato lotion:

-  Fade Dark Spots

-  Helps dry and itchy skin

-  Soothes and Repairs Sunburn

-  Fantastic Moisturizer

-  Maintains Skin's Moisture Balance

-  Protects Your Skin

-  Helps Clear Blemishes and Acne

-  Very Gentle Exfoliation

It's an all-natural/organic lotion that doesn't have any alcohol or chemicals in it.  It also does NOT contain silicone, parabens, petroleum, etc (full ingredients list here)

Will It Turn My Skin Orange?

No, this lotion will NOT turn your skin orange.

The lotion is a white color and no skin staining happens even on the fairest of skin tones.

Will It Work For Wrinkles?

Any moisturizer will help to prevent wrinkles, but this particular sweet potato lotion doesn't do a whole lot to remove current wrinkles.

It will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, though.

Does It Smell Bad?

The scent of the lotion is like a light vanilla smell due to the organic vanilla in the lotion.

To note: the lotion does NOT contain any perfumes or unnatural fragrances.

Will It Make My Face Greasy?

Most likely, no, it will not make your face feel oily/greasy.

It is a bit of a heavier moisturizer lotion, but it absorbs very quickly.

Does It Work?

Over 79% of the women who have use this lotion absolutely LOVE it!

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