Five giftable recipes to DIY for.

Whether pursestrings are on lockdown or you just want a personal touch, here are five sweet and savory recipes to put a bow on this year.

1. Chipotle and rosemary spiced nuts

Sweet, salty and spicy. Making this mix is as easy as it is delicious: Combine nuts with spices, maple syrup, orange juice and oil. Roast. Thanks, Ina Garten!
DIY WRAPPING ACCENT: Decorated chalkboard tin.

2. Red velvet twinkies

Back when we thought Twinkies were gone for good, some people decided to go out and figure out ways to make twinkies, better. We applaud those people (we're looking at you, Food Republic.) DIY WRAPPING ACCENT: Instagram gift tags.

3. Homemade salted caramel

Salted caramel has been the "it" flavor for a while. With good reason. Best part: it's super easy to make. Make a little extra because Lick My Spoon's recipe will make you do just that. DIY WRAPPING ACCENT: Pimped-out preserves jars.

4. Curry coconut savory granola

In a parade of sugar and holiday treats, consider this granola from The Kitchn a savory (but no less scrumptious) break for the norm. DIY WRAPPING ACCENT: White boxes and washi tape.

5. Chocolate-covered candied orange peels

To think that all these years you've been throwing away those orange peels when you could have been candying them and covering them in chocolate. Let Smitten Kitchen save your soul. DIY WRAPPING ACCENT: Box and bunting!