Peace not War

Forget the blood shed and share the peace

The religious and historical conflicts between Israel and Palestine are a never ending cycle of violence and discrimination between the two countries. Peace and war instead of blood and hate. love and trust should be the answer to this problem. The war between the two countries should come to an end with us, being the generation of today.

One of the main dispute between the two countries is whether the Palestinian people should be allowed to form their own independent country and government in an area that is currently part of the nation of Israel. There are other historical experiences that effect the relationship between the countries such as the migration of Zionism including Jews decided to migrate to Palestine during Hitler's rise of power.

The West Bank and Gaza Strip belong to the paledsteninians while the rest belongs to Israel. If the palesteninas mistakingly step outside of their territory to the Siraelis land, they are exectued.

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