Color Blindness

         Color blindness can make you see color in a different way.The most common colors to be mistaken is red,blue,yellow,and green usually  men and women have color blindness."Color blindness occurs when light sensitive cells in the retina fail to respond appropriately to variations in wavelengths of light that enable people to see an array of colors."6 to 7 million cones in a persons retina are responsible for color vision.People with color blindness have 3 cones the color of them are red,blue,and green they observe these colors people with normal vision see the full visual spectrum.The man who discovered color blindness was a kid in the 1766-1844 named Jason Dalton when he discovered he was treated precocious that he was put in charge of a local school at the age of 12.Over 10,000 new born babies are born with color blindness in united states of america.I chose this disease because my grandpa has this disease he's been leaving with it for a long time.

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