"Pizza Scenario"

If i was in this group i would leave them, because bullying is a serious thing and i would never want to be the reason someone commits suicide or self harm's themselves. I would try and help someone who is being bullied or try to be friends with them because everyone is different, its not fair that someone gets bullied for it. When i would have went to school on Monday i would have started being friends with Chris and help him out, if someone started calling him things i would take up for him if he didn't.

If me and my friends witness the bullying and do nothing about it, this will send a message that we dont care and that were not gonna do nothing about it. We could help fight back by helping the kid at school or say something back to the bully. We havent changed everything but it could be start where people see that its okay to stand up for people and they might start standing up for other people.They will see that we are not afraid to stand up to them and there not big and bad as much as they think they are, and maybe they will stop or eventually stop messing with people.

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